Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkin patch kids

we decided to brave the cool weather this weekend and head out to a local pumpkin patch while the skies were still blue. mary adelyn and deacon had a great time, despite the super cold wind. it was fun to see her experience all of the barnyard animals that we've been reading to her about. but first, we had to venture through the kids area. and no kids area complete without one of these...

IMG_9460 MA & DH, Boost

i'm serious. those cheeks crack me up. and just in case you've been wondering how tall the girlie is now...

IMG_9469 MA Boost

just about pigs height. and now for the pumpkin patch. or what was left of the pumpkin patch.


she's not one for sitting still very long anymore, so as far as the pictures go, you get what you get.

IMG_9502 MA, Boost

did i mention we were skipping her nap time?

IMG_9524 MA, Boost

fun. fun. pumpkin patch, check. now, i'll have to try my hand at carving.

stay tuned.


margaret said...

oh, i LOVE that last picture of mary adelyn! and congrats on her first steps!

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