Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas celebration--round one

Decor IMG_0617

one of the joys of having such a big family is being able to have multiple celebrations. fortunately, we were able to forge the snow roads and make it to georgia last weekend. i'll give you two guesses for all that jack wanted for christmas.

JBC IMG_0613

speaking of two. i'm thinking there are only two things that keep little emery's bottom stationary. 1. video game 2. opening presents


these are pretty much the only non-blurry pictures i have of him.

mia drew an excellent rendition of our very own family portrait. byron's the one on the far right. evidently, mia was feeling pretty generous with the brown marker. 'tis the season.

MKH IMG_0652

while she wasn't practicing on becoming the next davinci, she was cuddling up to our little honey bunny.


and here's a shot of quite possibly the cutest kids in history

Grandchildren IMG_0692

hope your holidays were as merry as ours.

Friday, December 25, 2009

have yourself a mary little christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2009

baby it's cold outside

house IMG_0576-1

snow-mania. here's a shot of our driveway and outback. yep, there's a car underneath that white stuff.

house IMG_0579-1

luckily, we still have power, heat, and beer. so, we're good to go for the weekend. although, we might try and tackle the roads and head to georgia. wish us luck.

Friday, December 18, 2009

snow way out

MA IMG_0556

we woke up this morning to snow falling from the sky and it hasn't stopped yet. this is definitely the most snow that we've seen since living in Montana. unfortunately, since it hasn't really stopped falling, we haven't been able to play for very long. well, that and the fact that we haven't gotten the girlie a snow suit yet. whoops.

MA IMG_0557

MA IMG_0558

mary adelyn liked the snow and loved watching delia rolling around in it. so much so, that she let us know she was not happy about coming back inside.

MA IMG_0570

believe it or not, she was really interested in putting my boots on. that is until, we put her on the floor to stand. we're hoping the weather will allow us to leave town tomorrow to begin our holiday celebrations. if not, looks like we be staying close to the fire and wishing we had made a mad rush to the grocery store.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'm in love...

with this little girl

MA PW BW IMG_0528-1

and my new camera lens

and my new boots. merry christmas to me. have i ever mentioned how long i've been searching for a pair of brown boots? well, i don't think that i will. it's a little embarrasing in regards to my inability to decide on the perfect pair. but, all that is behind me now. because i couldn't be happier. may this be the first and last pair i ever buy. of brown boots, of course. there's always more room in my closet for other colors.

better run, got to return the three others that didn't make the cut.

Monday, December 14, 2009

new uses for old things

MA IMG_0489

we've had an extra crib mattress for quite some time, just sitting in the corner of the guest room. obviously, we both hate to just through something away, as evidenced by the amount of time the mattress remained in our guest room corner. well, that or the fact that it would require spare time to be able to take it somewhere. so, byron had the great idea to use it as a "gate" to block the entrance into the hallway this weekend. with the crazy idea that if we could block her in one room, we might actually be able to just sit and hang out on the couch--not so much. so, i decided that we could spoil the dogs a little and lay it flat for them in the living room. and yes, it was intended to be a one time thing. but it seems that the dogs and mary adelyn have adopted it as their new favorite place in the living room.

MA IMG_0503

delia doesn't mind sharing this with babies.

MA IMG_0505

real or fake. and the best part is, mary adelyn has a new place to watch for her daddy to come home.

MA IMG_0468

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



MA Boost, Light x2, QEB IMG_0390


MA Boost, Light, QEB, Warm IMG_0386


MA Boost, Warm, QEB IMG_0385


are you coming?

MA Boost, Warm, Light, QEB IMG_0387


MA DS, Light, Warm, QEBIMG_0382

then, i'll run from you.

this is the new game.

Friday, December 4, 2009

mary adelyn tested,

mary adelyn approved.

MA Boost, Sharp IMG_9918

what better way to try out your new coat and hat. the fridge. she's a smart one.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

the o-o-z

as it is now referred to at my sister's house. if said allowed or spelled correctly, riley kate, my 3 year old niece, has her bags packed and car seat buckled in 2.5 seconds. so, it was fun to finally experience the zoo through riley's eyes. this girl is destined to be an elephant trainer, or at least a zoo tour guide.

RK Boost, Sharpen IMG_9855

mary adelyn was actually a little more interested in the animals than what we thought she would be. probably because byron and i were both expecting to see the zoo that we remembered growing up. luckily for the kids, and the animals, it is in much better standing. the parakeet retreat was definitely a fun spot.


but not quite as fun as the goats and sheep.

MA & Goat Sharpen, Boost IMG_9835

this girl loves to 'pat them gently.' the zebras were pretty cool, but not nearly as interesting as the fence that contained them.

MA Boost IMG_9821

and to finish off the tour, there's nothing better than a merry-go-round.

MA Boost IMG_9844-1

we had a great time and somehow managed to escape with these three monkeys.

Cousins BWB IMG_9870