Tuesday, October 20, 2009

one small step for baby,

one giant leap for mary adelyn. it's official. mary adelyn took her first steps today while waiting to get her flu shot. yep. right there in front of byron and i both. i mean, what are the chances of both of us seeing it? pretty, pretty cool.

so, how many days are in between the first steps and the no longer requiring any assistance to ambulate? i'm thinking we have at least another week or so.

any baby gate recommendations?

Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkin patch kids

we decided to brave the cool weather this weekend and head out to a local pumpkin patch while the skies were still blue. mary adelyn and deacon had a great time, despite the super cold wind. it was fun to see her experience all of the barnyard animals that we've been reading to her about. but first, we had to venture through the kids area. and no kids area complete without one of these...

IMG_9460 MA & DH, Boost

i'm serious. those cheeks crack me up. and just in case you've been wondering how tall the girlie is now...

IMG_9469 MA Boost

just about pigs height. and now for the pumpkin patch. or what was left of the pumpkin patch.


she's not one for sitting still very long anymore, so as far as the pictures go, you get what you get.

IMG_9502 MA, Boost

did i mention we were skipping her nap time?

IMG_9524 MA, Boost

fun. fun. pumpkin patch, check. now, i'll have to try my hand at carving.

stay tuned.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

couch potato

IMG_9283 MA, PW BW

there's only one thing to do when it's this time of year and the weather is cold and windy.

lay around the house

IMG_9329 MA, PW BW

watch football with your sock pom-poms

IMG_9337 MA, PW BW

make funny faces

IMG_9284 MA, PW BW

and work on being a true couch potato in your favorite p.j.j's

IMG_9333 MA, PW BW

burr, it's chilly up here in the mountains. fall, if you're listening, please come back for just a little while.

Friday, October 16, 2009

family affair

please accept my apologies for lack of posts lately. i've just got a few things on my plate that seem to be taking up more time. have i mentioned that we are trying to sell our house? that should explain it pretty easily.

anyhow, on to the pictures from papa pete and grammy pam's wedding. we had a wonderful time with our georgia family last weekend and now miss them more than ever. for those who don't know, i am the middle child of three. older sister and younger brother. and it didn't really hit me, until i saw all of these beautiful children sitting on the step, how crazy it is that we now have children of our very own. three of us, now six of them.

IMG_9220 Cousins, Boost

from top left to bottom right: aysia, phoenix, lily ann (matthew's), mary adelyn (do i really need to say?), ben, and riley kate (sandy's).
aren't they precious? thank you aunt sandy for the cute outfits! this is pretty much the best i could do. it's not easy trying to arrange six kiddos while attempting not to fall over and praying that the little ones don't lean too far forward on the step.

IMG_9214 Cousins, Boost

now, that's a little better. thanks lily for the helpful hand. i'm not sure mary adelyn could have handled another tumble that weekend. oh, i guess i forgot to mention that. mary adelyn had her first official fall off the bed. she's ok, not even a bump or scratch to show from it. byron on the other hand, turned white as a ghost and left the room to "get her pacifier." i'm told that there is some old wives tale about falling off a bed before turning one. although, i'm sure you could find an old wives tale for just about anything. enough about child endangerment. more pictures please.

this is my bro.

IMG_9247 MT, Sharp

don't let that cute little smile fool you. he's got some spunk and plenty of stories that will make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. i'm sure it has something to do with the tricks we used to play on him. but hey, that's what being a middle child is all about, right?

IMG_9236 MA & MT, Boost, Lighten

mary adelyn loved her uncle matthew. he's one of the few people that have been able to hold her in my presence without some major leaning, whining, or absolute rejection going on.

and finally, mary adelyn and her daddy.

IMG_9243 MA & Daddy, Boost

please tell me my husband will one day dance with me again. i'm thinking it probably won't be until mary adelyn has a boyfriend. or until she realizes that it is so not cool to dance with your dad. which one of these stages come first?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

in the genes

mary adelyn has an official best friend at her day care. they smile when they see each other, they play together (yes, they actually play together--not just next to each other), they make each other laugh, and today it was taken to a whole new level. the little man had just awoke from his afternoon nap and was not very happy about it. so, mary adelyn crawled over to him and patted his back while leaning down to give him hugs. it was by far the cutest thing that i've ever seen. all the grandma's kept saying that she's going to be a nurse and it must be in her genes. i told them that i would make sure to share that with byron, seeing as how he is convinced i lack compassion or nurturing abilities, towards him anyway. i tried to explain that there's only so much compassion and nurturing that one can hand out everyday. and it just so happens that the little elementary students reach my max daily, leaving little left for a 33 yr old man.

and just because i do not like posts without pictures. here's a shot of our big girl from a few weekends ago.

IMG_9137 MA, boost

i'd say she's adjusting to the cold weather walks pretty good. thanks mimi for the super cute sweater find! we love it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

how in the world

did i make it the through the day without seeing this face this morning?

IMG_9172 MA boost, warm

i had to leave before this girlie woke up. yep, it was that early. and i didn't like it one bit. to make up for it, i did get to have her all by myself this evening.

IMG_9159 MA Boost

well, not really to make up for me missing her this morning. it just happened to work out that i had to work early the same day that byron had to work late. i'll take early mornings any day. byron, not so much.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

new normal

well, we've tried our best to settle into what is our new "normal." is it sad, and possibly a little embarrassing, to say that our new "normal" is to keep the sink clean, floors swept, laundry folded, and toothpaste off the mirror? i mean, surely we should be doing that already. maybe if there wasn't two dogs and a nearly walking 10 month old meandering through the house everyday, we'd be able to do some of those things. i keep saying this house selling thing could be good for us. you know, we just might learn that it is possible to keep the house clean and still have time to watch hbo. so far, so good. maybe i'll have a different stance if this continues for much longer. as of right now, we've had a few showings, one broker lunch, and one open house--with two very interested parties. keep those fingers AND toes crossed!

the dogs on the other hand are having a little harder adjustment. i'm thinking by the time this is all over with (moved or not), they are not going to like riding in the car as much as they used to. luckily the weather has been nice and cool, so it hasn't been bad at all to drive them around while the house is being shown.

fortunately, the rain has subsided and allowed for their much needed sun-bathing time. so, they quickly forget about the boring tours of all the downtown neighborhoods.

IMG_9096 Dogs Boost

this is their favorite little perch in our backyard. it's our own wizard of oz entry door to the basement. (i'm thinking this could very well be a selling point. who doesn't love the wizard of oz?) the sun beats down on the wood all day and provides the perfect amount of heat for any four-legged bum.

IMG_9099 Dogs Boost

they would sit out here all day if it weren't for the endless possibilities of finger foods hitting the dining room floor at any minute. this is their new found love. mary adelyn eating finger foods. they've even become picky eaters. delia doesn't even bother to eat the fruit anymore. she's never been one to watch her figure.

speaking of sun-bathing. i took this picture through our back door this weekend. notice the panting.

IMG_9120 Layla, Boost

oh the heat, it's hurts so good--to layla that is.

speaking of hurting. the georgia game was a tough one. this is by far the best thing that came out of that game.

IMG_9132 MA & JB, Boost

i could just eat them both up. thank you to nan west for the super cute georgia shirt! i doubt it will be the last time these two are forced to wear matching outfits. luckily, mary adelyn has enough hair to hold a bow, so we can tell them apart.