Sunday, October 4, 2009

new normal

well, we've tried our best to settle into what is our new "normal." is it sad, and possibly a little embarrassing, to say that our new "normal" is to keep the sink clean, floors swept, laundry folded, and toothpaste off the mirror? i mean, surely we should be doing that already. maybe if there wasn't two dogs and a nearly walking 10 month old meandering through the house everyday, we'd be able to do some of those things. i keep saying this house selling thing could be good for us. you know, we just might learn that it is possible to keep the house clean and still have time to watch hbo. so far, so good. maybe i'll have a different stance if this continues for much longer. as of right now, we've had a few showings, one broker lunch, and one open house--with two very interested parties. keep those fingers AND toes crossed!

the dogs on the other hand are having a little harder adjustment. i'm thinking by the time this is all over with (moved or not), they are not going to like riding in the car as much as they used to. luckily the weather has been nice and cool, so it hasn't been bad at all to drive them around while the house is being shown.

fortunately, the rain has subsided and allowed for their much needed sun-bathing time. so, they quickly forget about the boring tours of all the downtown neighborhoods.

IMG_9096 Dogs Boost

this is their favorite little perch in our backyard. it's our own wizard of oz entry door to the basement. (i'm thinking this could very well be a selling point. who doesn't love the wizard of oz?) the sun beats down on the wood all day and provides the perfect amount of heat for any four-legged bum.

IMG_9099 Dogs Boost

they would sit out here all day if it weren't for the endless possibilities of finger foods hitting the dining room floor at any minute. this is their new found love. mary adelyn eating finger foods. they've even become picky eaters. delia doesn't even bother to eat the fruit anymore. she's never been one to watch her figure.

speaking of sun-bathing. i took this picture through our back door this weekend. notice the panting.

IMG_9120 Layla, Boost

oh the heat, it's hurts so good--to layla that is.

speaking of hurting. the georgia game was a tough one. this is by far the best thing that came out of that game.

IMG_9132 MA & JB, Boost

i could just eat them both up. thank you to nan west for the super cute georgia shirt! i doubt it will be the last time these two are forced to wear matching outfits. luckily, mary adelyn has enough hair to hold a bow, so we can tell them apart.


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