Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it's starting to look alot like christmas

well, at least that's what is feels like this week at the house of alday. we've had so much progress over the last two weeks, it'd be hard to name it all. it's amazing how a little paint can make a space feel like a home. luckily, for byron, i am having no regrets about the color choices. unluckily, for byron, i am now inspired to paint the rest of the house to match our new living areas.

so, drum roll please......

view into the kitchen from the soon-to-be family room
(new countertops installed, but not the best picture--more to come)

kitchen nook with bench seat installed

laundry room with built-in laundry hamper pass through from master bath

master bath vanity and built-in laundry pass through

our wonderful, incredibly heavy, cast iron pedestal tub

view from the master bath (imagine a backyard oasis--spring project 2011 :)

view of addition and deck from backyard

the reason why i might possibly sell delia on craigslist
any suggestions for how to keep your dog from scratching your most favorite house splurge?

we hope to be close to 90% done by this weekend before our company arrives for a child-free staycation. woo-hoo! mary adelyn went off to mimi and papa's house this morning. i think i've only spoken her name 1098 times so far. not too shabby.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



IMG_3399 copy


IMG_3396 copy


IMG_3400 copy


IMG_3388 copy

i'm pretty sure they could have done this for hours.

IMG_3389 copy

just a little snippet of our refuge in the ga mountains while the poly on our hardwoods dried, which i am officially declaring as the worst part of this whole construction process. headache inducing fumes + plastic drapes to prevent entry + dogs + toddler + no kitchen = we need to get out of

old bones

well, hello folks. i've got no new excuses for you this time. just plain busy around here. we are definitely looking forward to this wonderful fall season and having our house back, new square footage and all. i thought i'd share some pictures of what was our kitchen for a few days.


(looking back towards to the former dining room/make-shift kitchen/soon-to-be family room)

i told byron that i could have gone through this whole construction process without seeing what an almost 100 year old sub-floor looks like. there are just some parts of an old house that are better off not seen. at least not by those who happen to reside there.

luckily, the sub-floor was quickly covered by beautiful new hardwoods and my fears of falling through the floor has subsided...a little.

more pictures soon. i promise this time.