Saturday, September 26, 2009

on the market

IMG_9083 PW BW, Boost, E

to say that we've had a busy week would be an understatement. we managed to stay dry and make it to the annual brewgrass festival, visit with our friends mick and michelle from d.c. (who by the way are planning to move here. yay!), and make some potential life changing decisions. but before we skip ahead too far, here's a shot of the little lady partaking in her very first brewgrass festival.

IMG_9042 LP, E

pretzel necklaces are pretty much required for all attendees. i'm thinking we should use this brilliant concept for tailgating as well. i can't believe we haven't thought of that before.

now on to the potentially life altering news. the house of alday is officially on the market. yep. for sale. we stumbled across a house a few weeks ago and decided to walk through it "just to see." this is how i convinced byron :) after walking through the house and daydreaming about what we would do with more than one bathroom, we decided that it was worth trying to sell ours for. so, after some major cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing there is now a sign in our front yard. our hope is to try and sell ours before the other one goes under contract. if we aren't able to sell in time, then will most likely pull ours off the market. the good thing is that we really love the house that we are in. evidently, more than i was even aware. i've felt bad ever since they put the sign in the yard. almost like we've been cheating on our house. i keep looking at the pictures of our house on the real estate website and asking myself, "now, why are we moving?" and then i remember the thought of having extra bedrooms, another bathroom, a master bedroom with a bathroom, and then i start the whole daydreaming process again.

it will definitely be an interesting process. you know, trying to keep a house in 'showing condition' with a little one (almost walking--mind you) and two dogs running around. so far, so good. we made it through the first day. now, the weekdays might be more of an issue. coming up this week we are having a broker preview on tuesday, a broker lunch on thursday and our first open house on sunday. wish us luck!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ivory grill

it's here! mary adelyn's first tooth has fully emerged and graced us with it's presence. my little girl has a tooth. ah, sigh. a tooth. poor little thing was tortured during her dinner just so we could capture glimpses of the new ivory accessory. yes, the camera was present.

IMG_9012 MA 70s

no, i did not get a shot of it. really, you didn't think it would be that easy did you? maybe next meal time.

Monday, September 14, 2009


byron and brian ran the citizen times half-marathon this past weekend. while lori, carson, mary adelyn, and i had a great time cheering chasing them. amazingly, we were able to make it out the door with two kiddos in tow and arrive at mile marker 7 before ANY of the runners went by. so we sat up camp and told carson and mary adelyn to keep a look out...

IMG_8957 MA, CC, F & C

and lookout they did.

IMG_8972 MA, CC, PW BW

IMG_8959 MA, Boost, PW BW

that is, until the cheering section grew larger and the pots and pans started banging.

IMG_8967 MA, CC, F & C

carson practiced cheering, "go dad-dy!", "go by-ren!", and "yay runners!" while mary adelyn made sure he didn't drop her 'ipod.'

IMG_8963 MA, CC, F & C

mary adelyn was super excited when her daddy ran by,

IMG_8974 MA, CC, F & C

and then she sat and wondered why he didn't stop.

IMG_8992 MA, F & C

and tried to attack the signs.

IMG_8987 MA, F & C

so, we quickly gathered our things and hurried to the finish line. i think i pulled my hamstring just trying to get there in time. sad, i know.

congrats to both daddies meeting their goal time and both babies (or should i say mommies) surviving the event. it was pretty obvious that we had the cutest cheering section, hands down.

IMG_9010 MA, CC, Daddies, F & C

so far each year has brought a better race day strategy and a new baby. don't worry, the moore's are providing the new baby next year. mary adelyn will still be sporting the 'only child' title.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

finger foods

MA Finger Food Storyboard


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

got baby legs?

IMG_8873 Boost

we do. two in fact. i found this great tutorial on how to make your own babylegs. they are just too cute and perfect for the cooler season that is quickly approaching. these are great for the bigger kiddos as well. under skirts, pants, short sleeve shirts. the list could go on and on. not to mention that i was able to make four pair in one evening. there's nothing better than quick turn-around for a sewing project. can you tell that i'm addicted?

here's a close-up.

IMG_8884 Boost, Sharpen

stocking stuffer anyone?

Monday, September 7, 2009



mary adelyn had a great time gearing up for the georgia football season opener. evidently, she thought we should start the season off with a blackout. fortunately, we were able to talk her into changing. i'm sure you remember this onesie/dress.

IMG_5164 MA Warmer, Boost

it fits a little better theses days.

IMG_8920 D-S; Boost; Warmer

she was very interested in the t.v, since it is rarely turned on when she is awake.

IMG_8951 MA Boost, S-C Eye

not because we are against letting her watch t.v., just because the shows we watch don't come on until after her bedtime. believe me, we watch our fair share of HBO.

she handled the first game fairly well...much better than her daddy. here she is wondering why he's talking (very loudly) to the t.v.

IMG_8917 Boost; Sharpen

delia too, was interested in the game.

IMG_8936 Boost, Crop

or maybe it was just uga she was looking at.