Thursday, February 24, 2011

kitchen reveal

for those out-of-towners and stalkers that have been waiting so patiently. you might want to grab something to drink or take a bathroom break. this a long post. just warning you. here are the before and afters of our kitchen/nook/laundry...

the dark tile, white washed cabinet kitchen before....

(sorry for the small picture.this was copied from our mls listing
when we were crazy and thinking about selling our house)

and the oh so wonderful after...


Kitchen Collage After

it's crazy how much wider our kitchen feels with the wider doorway opening and hardwoods. hard to believe that the kitchen dimensions did not actually change at all. since we replaced the tile floors with hardwoods, we lost our tile counters. darn. so we were able to replace those with a remnant piece of bianco romano granite and painted our cabinets benjamin moore briarwood. definitely a different look than before. briarwood is a grayish-brown color that changes throughout the day and works great to hide all of the little spills that only a toddler would cause. i keep telling byron that it will look even better with the cabinet crown molding and hardware he needs to install sometime soon :) nope, my project list never stops. it runs in my veins, i can't help it.

here's the before view from the former dining room...


and now the view from the new family room...


talk about a major change on the color wheel. i'm on the greige train for sure. although, i do plan to add some pops of color in the curtains, well, no maybe the throw pillows. hmm, maybe both. these are the crazy things that circle through my brain daily. decisions, decisions. anyhow, it's amazing how much more time we spend in this space now that it is open to the kitchen and actually has furniture for lounging. here's the view looking back towards the family room from the nook.


the leather cocktail chairs are from the grove park inn. and they are oh so comfy. we grabbed those at the habitat for humanity store. benefits of byron being an insider :) the couch and rug are a new addition since the last 2 weeks. when i told mary adelyn we were getting another couch she said, "but we already have a couch." poor child was born with her daddy's mentality. although, it didn't take much convincing when i told her that we should have two. and there are more decorations to come soon. i have big plans for that huge empty wall above the couch, along with some possible diy curtains and art. my new year's resolution is to DECORATE and enjoy the home that we've chosen to stay in. anyone who knows me well, knows that i love to browse but have the hardest time pulling the trigger. so, watch out decor/wallet...the safety is definitely off.

Nook Laundry Collage

the nook turned out exactly how we were hoping. a gathering space with lots of light. if only i had a nickel every time our contractor told me that we could save money if we'd lose some of the windows. i mean really, is 9 windows + 1 dutch door really considered a lot of windows for a 180 sq ft addition? maybe so. but i couldn't imagine our new spaces without them, that's for sure. byron has requested some sort of curtain in the nook and bathroom to hide the fact that he refuses to buy a robe like every other normal urbanite in this universe.

the nook has become the most used spot in the house. it is so great to be able to work in the kitchen and still be able to see mary adelyn at the table. delia on the other hand has considered the new openness to be a personal invitation to join us at table at meal times. she literally cannot stop herself from inching down the kitchen floor to make it to the table. that dog just gets weirder and weirder.

the dutch door is awesome and i've never regretted it for one second. not even when i gave myself a near concussion last weekend from bending down under the opened window portion and then standing up quickly only to find out that the window portion does not stay put very well. while i type, i can still feel the knot left on my head. ouch. yes, that little issue has been added to the project list.

another view into the laundry space...


while it's not a huge space, it's a space nonetheless. i found the antique sliding door on craigslist from a contractor who had driven to indiana and back through a tornado to save pieces of his grandfather's building that was being torn down. byron actually goggle mapped the door's address to see a picture of the buidling. pretty crazy, that the door now blocks our dirty skivvies. guess that's better than being in a trash pile. the tall chalk board is the back of the laundry built-in that i decided to paint with magnetic and chalkboard paint. mary adelyn likes to practice her abc's and colors while eating. what can i say, girl loves to learn.

and finally, the view of our old backside...


and the new (bigger is always better, right?)...


we are looking forward to discovering our new backyard all over again in the spring. while we've had a few warm days, it still isn't enough to really be out there planning and enjoying our new backyard living area. although, mary adelyn has managed to break in her new deck/playhouse. so much so, that she has offically laid claim to the deck. it is hers--just so you know. the slide and swing were my ideas, because i'm cool like that. i think i've been down the slide just as many times as mary adelyn. what? is that weird?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a not-so subtle hint

IMG_0125 copy-1

mary adelyn refuses to eat breakfast without having her shades handy. girlfriend's gotta protect those baby blues. maybe one of these days her mama will get around to putting up some cafe curtains. although, i'm sure she'll move on to complaining about the calluses on her knees due to the lack of cushion.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

a day in the life


8 paws of approval for the new bathroom space. i can't believe byron and i actually thought that the huge tub in the room would deter them from entering the bathroom, seeing as how they despise baths more than having to pee outside when it's raining . they probably spend more time in there then we do.

Friday, January 21, 2011

bathroom reveal are some photos of our beloved master bathroom for anyone still interested, still checking this lazy blog, and still wondering if we ever finished that HUGE undertaking.

here's the new view from our bedroom


and our super cool, kinda loud, but still so cool, antique sliding barn door


another view from our bed, looking towards the bathroom


yes, there is a chair and an ottoman in our bathroom. is that weird? the idea is to expand our living space from our small bedroom towards the open space under the two huge windows in the bathroom and provide a place to actually sit down while getting dressed. which is quite a novelty in a 100 year old bungalow. unfortunately, delia has decided that this is her new favorite spot in the house, so i find myself sitting on the toilet to put my boots on. not quite how i imagined it.

our vanity, which i love and had made based on the one i saw here


i found a woodworker on craigslist to make our vanity and built-ins for the laundry and kitchen nook. never under estimate the power of craigslist :)


our built-in shelves, which i have yet to figure out what i want to put on them. still not used to having all that storage in a bathroom. and honestly, sometimes the best part is just knowing that it is there. ahh, the possibilities, which justify my continued internet browsing...


laundry pass through, which is AWESOME! i keep telling myself that surely it won't take too much longer for byron to understand that one side is for whites and the other is for darks.


and mary adelyn's tub, as she refers to it


more pictures to follow of kitchen and laundry, i really promise this time.

until then, here are some pictures of our little stomach-bug-recovering honey-bunny. it's amazing what wonders polka dot balloons can work on a sick toddler.

IMG_0064 copy

IMG_0081 copy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

we've had our hands full

chasing ladybugs

IMG_4238 copy

trick or treating

IMG_4223 copy

enjoying the weather

IMG_3828 copy

playing in the leaves

IMG_3829 copy

IMG_3832 copy

and potty pictures on that one :) there's nothing like a little halloween candy to jump start the potty training. parental note: when raisins were are longer cutting it, peanut butter m&m's seem to do the trick. 5 days and counting of big girl underwear with only a few accidents. woo-t0-the who! growing up is hard to do. unless there's candy, of course.

no need to pout,

IMG_3734 copy

more posts coming soon...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it's starting to look alot like christmas

well, at least that's what is feels like this week at the house of alday. we've had so much progress over the last two weeks, it'd be hard to name it all. it's amazing how a little paint can make a space feel like a home. luckily, for byron, i am having no regrets about the color choices. unluckily, for byron, i am now inspired to paint the rest of the house to match our new living areas.

so, drum roll please......

view into the kitchen from the soon-to-be family room
(new countertops installed, but not the best picture--more to come)

kitchen nook with bench seat installed

laundry room with built-in laundry hamper pass through from master bath

master bath vanity and built-in laundry pass through

our wonderful, incredibly heavy, cast iron pedestal tub

view from the master bath (imagine a backyard oasis--spring project 2011 :)

view of addition and deck from backyard

the reason why i might possibly sell delia on craigslist
any suggestions for how to keep your dog from scratching your most favorite house splurge?

we hope to be close to 90% done by this weekend before our company arrives for a child-free staycation. woo-hoo! mary adelyn went off to mimi and papa's house this morning. i think i've only spoken her name 1098 times so far. not too shabby.