Friday, October 16, 2009

family affair

please accept my apologies for lack of posts lately. i've just got a few things on my plate that seem to be taking up more time. have i mentioned that we are trying to sell our house? that should explain it pretty easily.

anyhow, on to the pictures from papa pete and grammy pam's wedding. we had a wonderful time with our georgia family last weekend and now miss them more than ever. for those who don't know, i am the middle child of three. older sister and younger brother. and it didn't really hit me, until i saw all of these beautiful children sitting on the step, how crazy it is that we now have children of our very own. three of us, now six of them.

IMG_9220 Cousins, Boost

from top left to bottom right: aysia, phoenix, lily ann (matthew's), mary adelyn (do i really need to say?), ben, and riley kate (sandy's).
aren't they precious? thank you aunt sandy for the cute outfits! this is pretty much the best i could do. it's not easy trying to arrange six kiddos while attempting not to fall over and praying that the little ones don't lean too far forward on the step.

IMG_9214 Cousins, Boost

now, that's a little better. thanks lily for the helpful hand. i'm not sure mary adelyn could have handled another tumble that weekend. oh, i guess i forgot to mention that. mary adelyn had her first official fall off the bed. she's ok, not even a bump or scratch to show from it. byron on the other hand, turned white as a ghost and left the room to "get her pacifier." i'm told that there is some old wives tale about falling off a bed before turning one. although, i'm sure you could find an old wives tale for just about anything. enough about child endangerment. more pictures please.

this is my bro.

IMG_9247 MT, Sharp

don't let that cute little smile fool you. he's got some spunk and plenty of stories that will make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. i'm sure it has something to do with the tricks we used to play on him. but hey, that's what being a middle child is all about, right?

IMG_9236 MA & MT, Boost, Lighten

mary adelyn loved her uncle matthew. he's one of the few people that have been able to hold her in my presence without some major leaning, whining, or absolute rejection going on.

and finally, mary adelyn and her daddy.

IMG_9243 MA & Daddy, Boost

please tell me my husband will one day dance with me again. i'm thinking it probably won't be until mary adelyn has a boyfriend. or until she realizes that it is so not cool to dance with your dad. which one of these stages come first?


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