Monday, July 27, 2009

beautiful living

it was a nice feeling to be in our town for the weekend. we were able to spend time with our asheville family and enjoy the bele chere festival. byron and i used to drive to asheville before we lived here just for this festival. it really is a great event, especially since we live within walking/bumbling distance.

we decided to head down on saturday a little later in the evening. and just as we locked the front door and walked off the porch, the rain came. figures. so, we sat on the porch, enjoyed the rain, and debated whether or not we should take this as a sign to stay home for the night. mary adelyn passed the time by playing on the front porch swing.

IMG_8205 - Copy

IMG_8201 - Copy


byron passed the time by talking on the phone

IMG_8191-1 - Copy

luckily for him, mary adelyn still finds that funny. 30 minutes later, after a quick weather check...

IMG_8221 - Copy

and a bump on the lip (notice daddy not paying attention),


IMG_8220 - Copy

we decided to take our chances and head downtown. so glad we did. the weather was perfect and we had a great time. mary adelyn handled the festivities very well. here are few shots from her first festival.



giving kisses is her new trick.


watch out layla and delia, mary adelyn is quickly approaching your trick capacities.

we also discovered new uses for the bumbleride.

IMG_8237 - Copy

the all-in-one stroller has taken on new meanings in the house of alday. mmm, funnel cake. for those who are wondering, mary adelyn and i are very much alike...


as long as we are fed, we are happy. we had a great time enjoying good music, food, friends, and our beautiful town.


(behind the scenes view of the outdoor crafts market)


although, i am sad to report that we did not get to watch the ultimate air dog championship this year. i know, i can't believe it either. this is the first bele chere that we haven't seen the dog show. so, for memory's sake, here's a clip of our own pride and joy competing a couple of years ago. the first 2 min is a "warm-up" period to prove that she'll even jump in the water. duh, she is a lab. the big show starts at 2:30, where she reveals that dogs can have stage fright, completely panic, forget how to get out of the water, and then nearly fall off the platform. duh, she is a lab.

needless to say, we did not receive any phone calls to join the circuit. delia had her very own cheering section (as you could hear from the video clip. amanda is the voice behind the video. she speaks the truth and nothing but the truth : ).

yes, this was before any of us had babies.


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