Sunday, July 26, 2009

life's a beach


byron's always said that he could live at the beach. i've always kindly reminded him that it would have to be a beach with plenty of shade and a nice cool breeze. you know, like the kind of beaches they have in hawaii. i mean, who couldn't live there?

for those of you who didn't know or haven't ascertained already, mary adelyn and i are true whities. blonde hair, blue eyes, and absolutely no pigmentation talent to speak of. believe it or not, there are some disadvantages of having porcelain skin (as my nan always called it) and blue eyes. unfortunately, our skin tone doesn't exactly lend itself to beach living. although, we decided to put it to the test over the past month with two back-to-back beach trips. luckily, those who were blessed with tanning abilities took good care of us, making sure we were well shaded, sunglassed, and breezed.

speaking of those who tan...


aunt margaret and her coppertone boys, elic and j money, i mean jack (see pizza hut $ necklace he acquired on road trip to the beach). it's always nice to spend time with the boys. especially for byron. i think he gets a little estrogen overload sometimes in our house of women.

boys are fun. boys are active. boys are very, very active. here's a little taste of beach life with a seven year old.

pouting. kite flying. racing.


all within a 35 minute period. and i didn't include the shots of us playing frisbee. maybe the word active doesn't quite do it justice. don't worry. i let him win. and yes, i'm still sore. obviously, i need to start running again.


jack is a lot of fun and super sweet. during his brief resting periods, he'd run by and say, "she's so cute." directed to mary adelyn, of course. he's definitely a lover. among his list of top favorite things: uncle byron and layla.


holy, moly. he did sit down. and someone got it on film.

margaret kept saying how she wished her boys looked like her, if only just a tiny bit. i think this little cutie certainly takes after his momma.




it's crazy to think that these two are related. they are like night and day, in regards to their skin color. they're actually pretty similar-- they both love their mommas (a whole, whole lot) and really like eating (sand and/or food, doesn't matter).


looks like elic is wondering what that little white girl is doing. did i mention that she really likes other babies?


or is it boys?


it's hard to tell since we are surrounded by only boy babies. byron's hoping its just babies in general.


see mary adelyn, they break your heart in the end and then throw their hands up in the air wondering was it something they said, or didn't say? something they did, or didn't do? if only they could read our minds. everything would be much easier.

at least, at the end of the day, you can always count on mimi to love on your wounds.


we were so happy that we were able to make the trip down. it's not everyday that we get to surround ourselves with family from california, new mexico, and georgia. family that we unfortunately did not get any pictures of in our camera. how did that happen!?

i guess we were too focused on this little girlie.


as you can imagine, we are trying to recover. 2 beach trips in 2 different states, 1 trip to ga, 4 airplane rides, 1 night spent in the atlanta airport by super-daddy byron, and 1 music/crafts festival (pictures to come) just might be all the alday clan can handle in a summer.

but what a nice summer it has been.


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