Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the graduate

10 trips to charlotte
3 meltdown car rides
3 chocolate milk shakes (to help with the meltdown car rides)
8 weeks of band treatment
10 weeks (+ 54 more) of neck exercises
1 round head

here are the exit photos...

Mary Adelyn Exit Photo1

is the top left picture not the cutest little girl you've ever seen? notice her head tilt in the earlier pictures. this is what the neck exercises are targeting.

the bottom right picture in the next set of photos, shows the area that was the main focus of the treatment. you can definitely see the difference from the first photo study.

Mary Adelyn Exit Photo2

notice the right side of her forehead no longer protrudes more than the left. just about symmetrical. pretty crazy.

Mary Adelyn Exit Photo3

look close. mary adelyn might have a pearly surprise in the near future.

Mary Adelyn Exit Photo Teeth

that explains the unusual night awakenings, loss of appetite, and gnawing of everything in sight.

mary adelyn is adjusting to her de-banded, rounded head life well. i keep wondering if she is thinking that we've forgotten to put her band back on. i mean, after having worn it for a third of her life, surely she notices that it is missing. right?

looking at these comparison pictures really brings home how much she has grown and changed already.

time flies. it truly does.


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