Wednesday, May 13, 2009


yes, it is true. the aldays are finally joining the blogosphere. i hope you were sitting down when you opened that email. maybe someday we'll venture over to that thing called facebook. but i wouldn't get your hopes up.

so, how did this all come about? or what you are really thinking: how in the world did she convince byron to embrace yet another part of the 21st century?

as i was sitting down to send a mass email of pictures from our first mother's day, i mentioned to byron that it would be much easier if i could just post them online and everyone could view as much as they liked and whenever they pleased. and then i went on and on (according to byron) about how i'm not even sure that everyone enjoys having their inbox raided by our pictures, how it might improve our "keeping in touch" skills with our friends and family, and just the mere fact that mary adelyn is way too cute not to share. so, since it was mother's day, byron said that i could have anything i wanted. and lucky for you, i decided to create this blog.

please join us as we attempt to share a little piece of our everyday life while stumbling through this thing called parenthood.

stay tuned for mother's day pictures...ok, here's one to tide you over.


Jill and Matt said...

yay!! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I know that we get to see you all the time but we will be checking the blog often too! ~Jill

Todd said... rear end!!

Jamalyn said...

This is great! Maybe some day we will join the blog world too. But until then, I will love keeping up with you. So, now on to your, how did Byron do that? She is gorgous! I am so happy you all are enjoying life.


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