Friday, May 15, 2009

bad karma?

our house has been under a bit of a curse this week. despite the fact that i informed a bank teller that she accidentally gave me an extra $200 when i cashed a few checks on wednesday.

we've had multiple trips to the vet for both layla and delia. layla is on her 2nd round of antibiotics this month. she has somehow injured her left dewclaw. and as you can see from the picture below, she is now sporting a new head accessory. the alday girls are trendsetters when it comes to head gear.
and delia has come down with a bacterial infection causing her to vomit and poop blood. yeah, it wasn't pretty. so she has been on iv fluids (see catheter on her right leg), antibiotics, and a special diet. we were just thankful that it was an infection, and not a baby ground hog obstructing her bowels. whoever said that there is nothing that can prepare you for parenthood, obviously never had a lab.this might be a sign that we have officially entered the world of senior dog owners. they have more prescription medications than we do.
and to top it all off, our fridge has been making a loud humming noise. so we've been crossing our fingers and hoping that it will just magically go away. the noise, that is.
needless to say, our week has been busy.


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