Thursday, May 28, 2009

pretty in pink


we managed to sneak in some picture time on the front porch this afternoon while the rain subsided for a few minutes. is everyone else getting as much rain as we are? it has rained at least once a day for the past week or so. if it weren't for the mountains on the horizon, i'd think we had moved to the beach. ok, enough a/b the weather, onto the girlie!

we've been waiting anxiously for the day that mary adelyn reaches out for us to hold her. we had no idea she'd be reaching out for her baby first.


meet marie. mary adelyn's new best friend (thanks mimi!). i'm sure she'd still consider layla her best friend if she could just squeeze her like that.

speaking of layla, she was at the screen door whining to get out on the porch during our photo session. mary adelyn thought it was the funniest thing.


i mean really, it should be a crime to be this cute


do you see what i see?


yes, those are ruffles on her shorts. who would have thought that we'd be in to pink ruffles?


Jessica T said...

She is completely adorable!!

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