Sunday, May 17, 2009


she ain't no holla back girl... so, mary adelyn has added one more food to her menu. and it is clear that she is bananas for bananas.

Mary Adelyn 600-398

and for everyone wondering what the heck that is on her head, it's called a doc band. evidently a combination of her being past due, a long baby, and my short torso all conspired to keep her head from being perfectly round. basically the back right side of her head is a little flatter than the other side. plagiocephaly is what all the cool kids are calling it. she starts week 4 tomorrow, of a probable 8-10 week treatment schedule, wearing it for 23hrs a day. we've been making weekly trips to charlotte for adjustments. so far, so good. she hasn't shown any signs that it bothers her. and we've already started to see progress. the photo on the right was taken on mother's day, so this is after 2 weeks of treatment. check it out...

Mary Adelyn 3 wks tx-ride side view
yes, this girl is going to have more head shots than an actress.


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