Saturday, February 27, 2010


go here to see byron's first "publication." we passed this on our way to a "resort" ski weekend while we were living in missoula. byron immediately pulled over and took a "picture." "this" has always been a "pet-peeve" of his. it seems that he found a "blogger" that feels the "same" way.

so, for a little more background on the "resort" weekend. byron decided to give me a weekend away for my very first skiing trip. while i was imagining a view like this...


he had signed us up for a view like this...

IMG_0382 Comments

and getting excited about things like this...

(anyone know what "historica" refers to? maybe they just ran out of "L"s)

and making me do stuff like this, while being told to "pose the hell out of it"...


i think i did a pretty good job tolerating, i mean, posing. i will admit, it was a very memorable trip. and i've never been that sore before in my life--from the skiing--not posing.


margaret said...

you are too funny! hope you guys had fun!

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