Friday, March 12, 2010

rain, rain go away

we're pretty sure that we aren't going to spend anytime indoors by the time the days of spring are in full swing. but until then, we sure are glad that we found this cool little place just down the road in hendersonville. it's called the hands on museum. any toddler's dream come true, with a grocery store, bakery, nursery, arts & crafts, waterfall.... the list could go on and on. and so could mary adelyn.


this girl loves to shop. but she's not so big on the paying part. imagine that.

IMG_1802 copy

she'd prefer to cut and run. and leave all the groceries behind.


she's just a little more interested in exercise equipment.

IMG_1811 copy

can someone please tell me where we can find a toddler treadmill? it was AWESOME!

MA Collage 3-12-10

and no daughter of school nurse can pass up the opportunity to wash her hands.

IMG_1826 copy

"tiki" clean. hmm.


Jill and Matt said...

Kiddie Treadmills

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