Monday, February 15, 2010

a hershey kiss holiday

mary adelyn had her very first valentine's day party at her school last week. so in celebration of her first hallmark holiday, i decided to make a little outfit for her. with the pure intention that homegirl was going to swoon every heart in the building. whoops, did i just say that out loud?

what started out as this...


later turned into this...

MA Valentine's Dress 2010 IMG_1399

due to a few stubborn snaps in the crotch that just wouldn't stay....well, snapped.

and then i made a bunch of these...


inspired from this oh so wonderful baking blog. (warning: if you have a sweet addiction, this blog might not be the best place for you)

and decided to package them like this...


i'll give you two guesses where i got that idea from :) ahem, thanks mimi :)

and off we went to the girlie's first valentine's day party. she was super cute. and no i didn't get any pictures, because i forgot that i even had my camera with me. whoops. but to make up for it, here's a not so great photo that i took of her before she left that morning...


we were told that they paraded her around into each classroom to show off her outfit, while she walked on her tippy toes. too funny. i was just glad to see that she was still wearing it when we arrived for the afternoon party.

her valentine's were made from the fabric scraps of the dress. it was a pretty neat idea that i'm sure i stumbled upon in the blogosphere somewhere. i just cut them out in the shape of a hershey kiss and sewed them to cardstock. the original idea was for mary adelyn to draw on the back of each one, but she decided she'd rather eat the crayon. maybe next year.


Robert said...

She looks more like Janet the older she gets! Wow.

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