Thursday, August 6, 2009

tree huggers


we've finally settled into having our weekends free with no plans to follow. it's nice to be able to enjoy the town we live in and remember why we moved here. this past weekend we spent some time with the partridges at the aboretum. i'm a little embarrassed to say that it was our first official visit to the arboretum since we've lived here. we were very pleasantly surprised...and hot. there's nothing like a little sweat to help with a hair style...


speaking of surprises. we happened upon a really cool bonsai garden while walking around the grounds.



evidently, byron is a BIG fan of bonsai. who knew? mary adelyn was not nearly as enamored by the mini trees. we've defnitely noticed that her personality is starting to really show through. and she's not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks. here are a few of her many faces.


can you tell she is starting to get tired of the camera just a little bit? we always know there is trouble when she brings out the cheeks (see middle picture above). she wasn't keen on being placed in the midst of the potato vine. and she was definitely letting her daddy know it.

meanwhile, john was really digging the boxwood basil.


i was too. it was a super cool plant. i wish our boxwoods were basil.


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mr. miyagi was on it: bonsai=awesome.

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