Wednesday, August 19, 2009

america's game

IMG_8610 MA Baseball Game

mary adelyn made her first trip to our local minor league baseball stadium. it was a great day for baseball. she was definitely interested in what was happening on the field, but mostly she was fixated on her index finger (see above).

it was fun to watch her take in all of the sights and sounds. and clap when the crowd clapped.

and give high 5's

IMG_8604 MA High 5

and enjoy her daddy's company

IMG_8614 MA & Daddy

and wonder what the heck the umpire was thinking

IMG_8615 Daddy & MA

and hang out with this cutie

IMG_8637 Deacon Fresh & Colorful

and sit back, relax, kick her feet up, and enjoy what is known as america's game.

IMG_8641 MA Feet


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