Tuesday, September 14, 2010

old bones

well, hello folks. i've got no new excuses for you this time. just plain busy around here. we are definitely looking forward to this wonderful fall season and having our house back, new square footage and all. i thought i'd share some pictures of what was our kitchen for a few days.


(looking back towards to the former dining room/make-shift kitchen/soon-to-be family room)

i told byron that i could have gone through this whole construction process without seeing what an almost 100 year old sub-floor looks like. there are just some parts of an old house that are better off not seen. at least not by those who happen to reside there.

luckily, the sub-floor was quickly covered by beautiful new hardwoods and my fears of falling through the floor has subsided...a little.

more pictures soon. i promise this time.


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