Saturday, August 14, 2010

wide open

the house of alday addition is moving right along. one of our kitchen walls is now officially down. woo-to-the-hoo! unfortunately, the flies and mosquitoes are just as excited about this open access.

every weekend i make byron help me move the kitchen table to it's soon to be eternal resting place, just "so i can get a good feel for the room."


can you tell how excited he is about that?


here's a view of our unbelievably messy under construction kitchen. i'm just trying to keep it real on this blog. the far wall doorway is due to be expanded this week, allowing for a much more open feel between the former dining room (which now houses are unusable washer/dryer) , kitchen, and nook.


we initially tried changing shoes and wiping down the dog paws anytime we walked on the addition space to keep the dusty floors to a minimum. obviously, that idea did not last long.

here's a view of the bathroom, towards to pedestal tub.


and another view of what will be the built-in shelves with a hamper pass through to the laundry room...


i think delia might suffer a major heartbreak when she realizes her new favorite sitting/drooling/squirrel stalking area is actually a bathroom. this big slab of lab detest baths. despite her love for swimming. figures.

up next, finish sanding sheetrock, painting (yikes! no decisions made as of yet on colors), siding and trim.


kim said...

Hi Amy! You inquired about the granite in our kitchen on Janell's blog. I own the home that Janell featured on in the tour.

We get the most compliments on that granite because it's so versatile. It hides a lot of crumbs as well because there's even a little black in it. It is "Kashmir White." While I was worried it would be too light, it was just what our little kitchen needed. I used the same tile that Janell has in her kitchen and it looks so fresh and clean. And it's incredibly cheap. We live in Nashville and there was nothing here that even came close to the pricing on it. Even after having to pay shipping from California, it was cheaper than the closest thing to it that I could find here. And the tile has cool half-sized, beveled 3x3 tiles that keep you from losing your pretty beveled edge on the ends of your walls. I believe it was about $5/sq ft.

Good luck with your remodel! Looks like you have some beautiful things picked out for your home. I'm handling Janell's e-client requests now so let me know if you need any design help as you go along. I specialize in DIY decorating, as well as getting the MOST for your money. I have some amazing resources so don't hesitate to let me know if you need any help!

Best of luck with the renovation. Having your house in total disarray with children will definitely test your patience. Hang in there!

Kim Biggs

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