Monday, September 7, 2009



mary adelyn had a great time gearing up for the georgia football season opener. evidently, she thought we should start the season off with a blackout. fortunately, we were able to talk her into changing. i'm sure you remember this onesie/dress.

IMG_5164 MA Warmer, Boost

it fits a little better theses days.

IMG_8920 D-S; Boost; Warmer

she was very interested in the t.v, since it is rarely turned on when she is awake.

IMG_8951 MA Boost, S-C Eye

not because we are against letting her watch t.v., just because the shows we watch don't come on until after her bedtime. believe me, we watch our fair share of HBO.

she handled the first game fairly well...much better than her daddy. here she is wondering why he's talking (very loudly) to the t.v.

IMG_8917 Boost; Sharpen

delia too, was interested in the game.

IMG_8936 Boost, Crop

or maybe it was just uga she was looking at.


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