Monday, September 14, 2009


byron and brian ran the citizen times half-marathon this past weekend. while lori, carson, mary adelyn, and i had a great time cheering chasing them. amazingly, we were able to make it out the door with two kiddos in tow and arrive at mile marker 7 before ANY of the runners went by. so we sat up camp and told carson and mary adelyn to keep a look out...

IMG_8957 MA, CC, F & C

and lookout they did.

IMG_8972 MA, CC, PW BW

IMG_8959 MA, Boost, PW BW

that is, until the cheering section grew larger and the pots and pans started banging.

IMG_8967 MA, CC, F & C

carson practiced cheering, "go dad-dy!", "go by-ren!", and "yay runners!" while mary adelyn made sure he didn't drop her 'ipod.'

IMG_8963 MA, CC, F & C

mary adelyn was super excited when her daddy ran by,

IMG_8974 MA, CC, F & C

and then she sat and wondered why he didn't stop.

IMG_8992 MA, F & C

and tried to attack the signs.

IMG_8987 MA, F & C

so, we quickly gathered our things and hurried to the finish line. i think i pulled my hamstring just trying to get there in time. sad, i know.

congrats to both daddies meeting their goal time and both babies (or should i say mommies) surviving the event. it was pretty obvious that we had the cutest cheering section, hands down.

IMG_9010 MA, CC, Daddies, F & C

so far each year has brought a better race day strategy and a new baby. don't worry, the moore's are providing the new baby next year. mary adelyn will still be sporting the 'only child' title.


Courtney said...

These pics are so cute! It makes me miss everyone! Can't wait to see you in November!

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