Friday, January 21, 2011

bathroom reveal are some photos of our beloved master bathroom for anyone still interested, still checking this lazy blog, and still wondering if we ever finished that HUGE undertaking.

here's the new view from our bedroom


and our super cool, kinda loud, but still so cool, antique sliding barn door


another view from our bed, looking towards the bathroom


yes, there is a chair and an ottoman in our bathroom. is that weird? the idea is to expand our living space from our small bedroom towards the open space under the two huge windows in the bathroom and provide a place to actually sit down while getting dressed. which is quite a novelty in a 100 year old bungalow. unfortunately, delia has decided that this is her new favorite spot in the house, so i find myself sitting on the toilet to put my boots on. not quite how i imagined it.

our vanity, which i love and had made based on the one i saw here


i found a woodworker on craigslist to make our vanity and built-ins for the laundry and kitchen nook. never under estimate the power of craigslist :)


our built-in shelves, which i have yet to figure out what i want to put on them. still not used to having all that storage in a bathroom. and honestly, sometimes the best part is just knowing that it is there. ahh, the possibilities, which justify my continued internet browsing...


laundry pass through, which is AWESOME! i keep telling myself that surely it won't take too much longer for byron to understand that one side is for whites and the other is for darks.


and mary adelyn's tub, as she refers to it


more pictures to follow of kitchen and laundry, i really promise this time.

until then, here are some pictures of our little stomach-bug-recovering honey-bunny. it's amazing what wonders polka dot balloons can work on a sick toddler.

IMG_0064 copy

IMG_0081 copy


Todd and Randi said...

I love it Amy!! The cabinet looks just like the inspiration. Maybe one day we'll get to see it in person.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I do want to steal that cabinet color when I repaint mine in the kitchen! (Which I'm sure will be in about 10 years!)


Rebekah @ Wild Ink Press said...

Hi Amy!

I am so flattered that you liked my cabinet design enough to use it! It came out fantastic! I love the sliding barn door to your bathroom also!


margaret said...

i am in love with your bathroom. it's gorgeous!

angela walker jewelry said...

Hi, I love your bathroom..... Do you mind sharing where you bought your tub and bathroom light fixtures?
Health and happiness,

angela walker jewelry said...

Thanks Amy for the info! Have a great week!
Health and happiness,

Regan Wood said...

Hi. Love the laundry chute!! Could you possibly send a pic of it from the laundry room side?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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